giovedì 29 marzo 2012

Colors, shapes and lines

Colors, shapes and lines. Simply click on image below for more info...

a perfect gift idea for you, your friends and to give a soft tone to your room. Available as in a lot of kind of print-formats: from greeting card to postcards; from photographic print to canvas; from framed print to poster. Available also a lot of kind of sizes and therefore prices. Discover all the options clicking on the above image.

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martedì 20 marzo 2012

mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

Hand and Stars

I would like to show you this my last semi-abstract art-work with title "Hand and Stars". This art-work is available in several formats of print: from greeting cards to postcards, from mounted to framed print, from "simple" photographic print to canvas, and also as a poster.

All of those products are manufactured by Redbubble site and this means only the best product quality for you, together with the best shipping solutions by international partners.

The prices are not so expensive, as you can check clicking on the above image.

I end this post leaving you the invite to visit my eBay store: Kinds of art

venerdì 2 marzo 2012

Musical Composition

My last creation... "Musical Composition". Here you can see it as a canvas (a lot of available sizes):

but you can buy it also as greeting card or poster (image below):

click on image above to discover other kinds of prints and relative sizes and formats, and prices of course. Visit my ebay store "kinds of art" and contact me if you have questions or requests.

Thank you.

My last digital artworks

I would like to promote my last works... waiting for the creation of posts for everyone of my last (appreciated) works:

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